The Clover Senior Care Family

The heart of Clover Senior Care is people who care about people. The core values that enable Clover to provide excellent senior care services begin with Clover leadership. Keep reading to learn more about the people who form the core of the Clover Senior Care family.

Carrie Tidwell, Founder and Owner of Clover Senior Care

Carrie Dragoo Tidwell founded Clover Senior Care in order to provide quality senior care services to seniors wishing to remain at home but requiring some practical assistance. Carrie is a Registered Nurse with a Baccalaureate of Science Degree from the University of Indianapolis, which she attended on a Swimming and Diving scholarship. She began her extensive career working in cardiac care at Community Hospital and has also worked at Riverview Health and as a clinical instructor for Ivy Tech College and an onsite clinical nursing director for RepuCare.

Prior to starting Clover Senior Care, Carrie served as a home health care case manager for 6 years. Her work in this position is what sparked her desire to found Clover Senior Care. Carrie loves working with the disabled and elderly population and knows the importance of remaining in one’s home for as long as possible. She is dedicated to providing kind, dependable, trained caregivers to assist elderly and disabled residents at home. One of her biggest passions is being a Nurse Case Manager for Clover and serving the elderly population. Outside of work, Carrie loves to play tennis, cycle outdoors, read, and spend time with her family and her dog Baylor. She is a member of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) as well as the USTA (United States Tennis Association).

Marllys Clements, Director of Customer Relations

Marllys Clements has a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) from Butler University, a Bachelor’s Degree, also in Marriage and Family Therapy, from Anderson University and an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Anderson University. Her career has focused primarily on families in various transitions and emotional situations. She has extensive experience working directly with families and individuals dealing with emotional decisions and life-changing transitions, from vocational rehabilitation services for disabled adults, to private practice therapy, to adoption services. In addition to direct client care, her administrative duties as Executive Director have included complying with state, federal, and international licensure regulations.

Marllys’s personal experiences of helping her own family balance the needs of caring for their aging loved ones has given her a strong desire to walk alongside other families as they navigate these difficult life transitions. She understands how hard it is for the elderly to have to ask for help and to realize that they can no longer do everything they used to do. She also understands how it feels to be the adult child who now has to take over the decision-making role for a parent, to provide personal care they never thought they’d have to do for their dad or mom, and to watch a parent slip away and leave this earth. She helped her family navigate through home health services, assisted living communities, rehabilitation services, memory care facilities, and even hospice care. She appreciated each and every one that helped her and provided such good care for her family. Her passion today is to give back in some way. As Director of Operations, Marllys is excited to be a part of Clover Senior Care, a team of caring individuals focused on assisting seniors and their families to determine the types of assistance needed to live safely, happily, and as independently as possible.

Linda Frausto, Office Clerk Coordinator

Linda Frausto comes to Clover with experience in the office setting and working with the elderly. She worked for 12 years at Union Bible College & Academy, both as President’s secretary and Principal secretary. During that time, she also worked for 6 years at Sander’s Glen Assisted Living in the Dietary Department. Linda has an Associate of Arts degree in Religion, and also attended Apollo College in Portland, Oregon where she received a diploma in Computerized Medical Office Assistant. Although Linda does not get out in the field as a regular caregiver very often, she loves working with seniors and has met some wonderful people. Linda is active in her church in Greenfield, where her husband Michael is the pastor.

Olivia Klein, Health Services Administrator

Olivia Klein received her Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University-Bloomington. She graduated from the Media School with a Major in Creative Industry Management with a  Specialization in Law and Ethics. She worked for two and a half years during college as a Barista and Baker at a locally owned coffee shop and bakery.

She grew up with her parents both working in the medical industry and always wanted to find a way into it herself. Clover Senior Care quickly became the best avenue for her to do so. She has a passion for helping people and a passion for business, so Clover was clearly the perfect place to be. She is the Health Services Administrator for Clover where she works with Case Managers, as well as everyone in our office, to manage, monitor, and maximize our clients’ healthcare benefits they receive from Medicaid, Anthem, Veteran’s Care Bridge, and the Veteran’s Administration. She has a passion for helping people and making sure no page goes unturned. Olivia also works with our clients’ families to build a relationship that ensures we and their case managers are all on the same page when it comes to delivering the best care possible.

Baylor The Clover Mascot

Baylor is 8 months old and an emotional support animal.  He visits Clover clients and other friends in the Clover family often. You will find him hanging out at the Clover office regularly. Baylor loves to give hugs to anyone who would like one, he loves his toy monkey, vanilla ice cream, and snuggling with his mommy and daddy at night! He enjoys swimming in a pool or the ocean and traveling. If you would like to meet Baylor please stop by our office anytime of the week!