Frequently Asked Questions About Clover Senior Care

What kind of services do you provide?

Clover Senior Care provides companionship, personal care, RN case management, and relocation services to the elderly and disabled populations in Indiana and Florida. Through these services, we are able to help seniors and disabled persons retain a high quality of life and health while remaining at home. Visit our Services page to read more.

Who are Clover Senior Care services designed for?

Clover serves elderly and/or disabled individuals who need some help in order to remain in their home. We also provide respite care when family members need to be away from elderly parents under their care.

How can I get started with Clover Senior Care?

You can call Clover at 844.366.2587 to set up an initial evaluation to meet with you and assess your needs. This free consultation, which is done in the client’s home, will include an assessment of the client’s needs, any health concerns, and physical set-up of the home. Clover will determine a Care Plan based on this initial meeting and assign a compatible caregiver. We work quickly and can get started within 24 hours of the initial evaluation.

What can I expect from my first meeting with my Clover Senior Care caregiver?

An initial meeting will include an in-depth interview with the client and any family members involved in their care, a comprehensive discussion of any medical issues, and a thorough survey of the home environment.

Who does Clover Senior Care hire as caregivers?

We screen our caregivers carefully to ensure that they are reliable and experienced individuals who exhibit genuine care for our clients. Our caregivers are background-checked and trained prior to beginning work with Clover Senior Care.

What does Clover Senior Care do to ensure my security/safety?

We value the safety of our clients and do all that we can to ensure that they are safe. Measures we take to protect our clients include hiring caring and dependable individuals, providing pertinent training, and maintaining careful oversight and communication with clients, caregivers, and family members. We also offer a range of Nest cameras and alarms for added security when desired.

 Can Clover Senior Care help in the transition to a new place of residence?

Yes, Clover can help in a move for our senior or disabled clients. Our services are flexible to meet your particular needs and are designed to take the burden of moving off our clients and their families.

Is someone available at any time if there is a problem?

Yes. If a caregiver notices a change in the physical or mental status of a client, our RN clinicians are available 24/7 for consultation.

 Is Clover Senior Care Medicaid waiver certified?

Yes, we are Medicaid waiver certified.