Aging and Home Care Resources

As you confront the changes that aging brings, whether in yourself or a family member, you will have questions. Clover Senior Care seeks to care for our clients and their families by providing companion care and senior assistance services. We also want to connect you with additional home care and self-care resources to answer questions that you have about aging, senior healthcare, and quality of life issues for the elderly. Below are some of the resources that we have found to be helpful to our clients and their families.

Resources from Clover Senior Care:

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Medicaid Resources:

To apply online for Medicaid in Indiana, visit the Indiana Medicaid website. To obtain information about submitting a paper application, you can visit the Indiana Family and Social Services website. Applications for Medicaid can also be made through the website.

The experts at Clover are experienced with these agencies and can help you navigate this process.

Resources on Aging, General Welfare, & Assistance:



National Council on Aging

Resources on Healthcare Issues:

Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

Resources on Legal Issues:

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys