In-Home Care Successes

Keep reading for some examples of the difference our in-home care has made in the lives of our clients and their families.

Going Beyond

Carrie and the team at Clover Senior Care have been such an asset to our family. Dad had an unfortunate accident that led to both mental and physical difficulties. We started our journey bringing him home from the ER thinking that we would provide care for him in our home. We interviewed several in-home care providers and it was immediately clear that Carrie cared deeply and took a personal interest in Dad. She not only arranged in-home care for him, but counseled us in numerous areas regarding what to expect from the care and insurance processes. The care provided to Dad through Clover was top-notch and very professional and caring. Unfortunately, Dad eventually declined due to his head injury and had to be admitted to the hospital and eventually to rehab. His arm also eventually required surgery and he was admitted into a senior care facility. Despite the potential revenue stream from Dad drying up for the Clover team, Carrie stay engaged with him (including traveling from Indianapolis to West Lafayette), and helped advocate for him through his transition from rehab into his independent living facility. She continues to periodically check-in on his progress, and despite no revenue being generated for Clover, continues to care deeply. I have certainly been impressed by the professionalism of Carrie and the Clover team, but more importantly I have been impressed with the CARE they provide. I have also made unsolicited recommendations of Carrie and the Clover Senior Care team to numerous friends whose parents are in a similar phase of life. Thank you to Carrie and the Clover team. You truly have been a blessing for Dad and for our family.

Our Client’s Own Words

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